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INO LIDAR in Antarctica

A tropospheric depolarization LIDAR has been installed in 2008 at Concordia Base (Antarctica, DOME C, 75° S 123° E).
The instrument is "alive" within the framework of the projects TAVERN (ISAC CNR) , ICE-CAMERA & PRANA (IFAC CNR), PRE-REC & COMPASS (INO CNR)
national (Programma Nazionale Ricerche in Antartide) projects.
The LIDAR is mounted on an aluminium frame inside a shelter that is located 500 m from the mainbase, in the “Clean Air Area”.

Double optical windows flushed with pre-heated external air make the operation of the LIDAR possible in all weather conditions,
even on -80°C cold polar nights.
The LIDAR is intended to provide tropospheric profiles of aerosol and clouds every 5 minutes, 24 hours/24. The system is fully automatic. Housekeeping data and local meteo data are collected and stored together with the LIDAR data.
Data are sent to Italy for inspection on a daily basis.
Time-lapse videos of local sky conditions are also automatically collected

Le main specs of the Concordia LIDAR are the followings:

-Laser Quantel Brio (532, lin. pol.)

-Telescope : refractive, 10 cm diameter, f/3

-Data acquisition: Licel GmbH, analog, 2 channels (532 nm p, s)

-Vertical resolution: 7.5 m

-Altitude range: 30 m -12000 m a.g.

-Webcam: analog B/W SK-1004XC/SO with 3.6 mm lens



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.....An assortment of LIDAR-derived information



Quick-look Catalogue of pre-processed LIDAR data

Here are all the Concordia LIDAR data collected from 2008 to 2013.

The quality is variable, because of many troubles occurred to the lasers.

From 2013 on we have complete yearly statistics...

.... and now the instrument is the only fully automatic depolarization LIDAR in Antarctica !

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January 2013



February 2013



March 2013



April 2013



May 2013



June 2013


July 2013



August 2013



September 2013



October 2013



November 2013


December 2013



January 2012


February 2012


March 2012


December 2012


January 2011



February 2011



March 2011

April 2011


May 2011



June 2011



January 2009



January 2008



February 2008



March 2008

April 2008




A sample of Time-Lapse 24h/24
video of Concordia sky conditions

The high-sensitivity (0.003 Lux) SK-1004XC webcam can operate under almost stellar-light conditions

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